RxSaver Review

RetailMeNot’s RxSaver is one of the newest pharmacy discount cards, but does it bring anything new to the table?

What is RxSaver?

RxSaver by RetailMeNot is a prescription drug savings service that helps you save money on your medications. This service makes it easy to compare prescription drug prices at your local pharmacies to find the best deals. 

By searching the name of your prescription and entering the dosage, you can view current prices for your prescription at pharmacies near you. Rather than spending time doing individual comparison shopping on your own and reaching out to all the pharmacies in your area, RxSaver makes it simple to compare your options in just a few seconds. 

To help you save even more money, RxSaver offers free coupons for the medications listed on their website and app. Using RxSaver’s coupons, you can save up to 80% on your prescriptions. Just print out the coupon or show it to your pharmacist from your phone to redeem your discount. The benefit of the RxSaver card is the convenience of having it ready to go in your wallet.

Company Information

  • Acquisition date: RxSaver was originally acquired by RetailMeNot in 2018 under the original name LowestMed
  • Telephone: 855-569-6337
  • Address: 301 Congress Ave Ste 700, Austin, TX 78701-2930
  • BBB Rating: A+



Makes comparison shopping for prescriptions simple

Can’t be used in combination with insurance 

You can save up to 80% on your prescriptions

Coupons are only redeemable at their listed pharmacies

It’s free!

May not always save as much as you would through insurance

Where Can I Use the RxSaver Pharmacy Card?

RxSaver does not disclose exactly how many pharmacies are in their network, but you can use the RxSaver pharmacy card and RxSaver prescription coupons at a wide variety of pharmacy companies and retailer pharmacies. 

These include, but are not limited to: 

When you search the name of your prescription in the RxSaver website or app, you will be shown a list of pharmacies near you where you can use their coupon or card. If your pharmacy of choice is not shown, it is best to call and ask if they accept RxSaver discounts. 

Does RxSaver Work With Insurance?

You can use RxSaver regardless of your insurance status, even if you are uninsured or covered through a state-funded healthcare program such as Medicare or Medicaid. However, you cannot use RxSaver in combination with your insurance. 

In many cases you may find that RxSaver will save you more money than if you were to go through your insurance. To get the most savings, it’s best to compare the RxSaver price vs. your insurance. To do so, you can ask your pharmacist to ring up both pricing options so you can pick the best one. 

Does RxSaver Cost Money?

Using RxSaver is free for all users, regardless of insurance status or other factors. RxSaver partners with pharmacies to receive a small fee when people use their service at the pharmacy. This partnership enables RxSaver to continue providing a free service to save consumers money on their prescriptions. 

RxSavers offers a membership program called the RxSaver Advocacy Program that does cost money. The RxSaver Advocacy Program is a prescription assistance program designed to help people save thousands of dollars on high-cost maintenance drugs. This program requires a monthly fee of $50, but there is no contract so you can stop using it anytime. 

The RxSaver Advocacy Program is available for people of any age, insurance status, or income level. The cost to apply is free. Some of the most popular drugs covered through this program include Levemir, Symbicort, Cymbalta, Crestor, Nexium, and Lyrica. 

Does RxSaver Actually Work?

A survey conducted by RxSaver in June of 2019 found that nearly half (47%) of Americans have avoided paying for prescription medications in order to be able to cover other expenses such as groceries, gas, clothes, and Wi-Fi. Nearly a quarter of Americans (23%) reported that their medical condition worsened after they avoided paying for medication. 

By offering a way for Americans, especially those who are uninsured, to save money on their prescriptions, RxSaver helps people protect their finances and their health. Some may wonder, is RxSaver legitimate? Although it may sound too good to be true, RxSaver really works. Take a look at some of the reviews from RxSaver customers sharing how RxSaver has helped them save money:

“Love this company. Saves me almost $100 every month. Better price than my insurance.” Rebecca B. on January 1, 2020 on Facebook

“I searched online and found this site, found my medication that would have cost me over $80.00, I found a coupon on here and took it to my pharmacy, the cost of my medication was $12.00!!! awesome site!!!! definitely using again…  :)” Gina S. on October 19, 2019 on Facebook

“Today RX Saver saved me $31.73 (61%) off of my prescription!!! I currently do not have insurance so I was so nervous about picking up my medication but remembered about this app that my sister mentioned to me. I downloaded it, entered the medication name, and TA-DA! Savings!” Angela M. on September 20, 2019 on BBB