GoodRx Reviews

GoodRx is one, if not the most popular pharmacy discount card, but does it really live up to the hype?

What is GoodRx?

GoodRx is a healthcare startup company with a free website and mobile app that tracks prescription drug prices in the United States, showing consumers where they can get their medication at the lowest price and providing free coupons for discounts on medications.

Company Information

  • Founding Date: 9/12/2011
  • Telephone: 888-799-2553
  • Address: 233 Wilshire Blvd #990, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1248
  • Size of the Pharmacy Network: 75,000
  • BBB Rating: A+



Helps consumers find a lower price for prescription drugs than an insurance copay might cost

The company has an average Trustpilot rating of only 3.1 out of 5

Clearly outlines generic drug options and which medications are 100% free

Reports of pricing on the app not matching drug prices at the pharmacies

It’s completely free to users unless you opt for the GoodRx Gold subscription

Complaints of poor website usability

Where Can I Use the GoodRx Pharmacy Card?

There are 75,000 pharmacies in GoodRx’s network. Compared to other pharmacy discount cards, this number is relatively high. Here are just a few pharmacies where you can use a GoodRx discount card:

How Do I Get a GoodRx Card?

You don’t have to have a physical GoodRx card to apply discounts to your medications; to take advantage of the prescription drug discounts offered by the company, use the website or mobile app to search for your medication and see if there are discounts available.

If you want a physical GoodRx Prescription Discount card, fill out an online form with your mailing address and email address. Once you have your GoodRx card, you can use it similar to how you would use a coupon at your local grocery store. Bring it to the pharmacy when you go to pick up your prescription and hand it over to the pharmacist, who will then enter the numbers on the card into their system to find a discount for your drug.

Do Pharmacies Lose Money with GoodRx?

It’s helpful to know the role of pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, which manages drug prices on the behalf of health insurance providers. PBMs negotiate deals with pharmacies that allow customers with insurance (and occasionally, without insurance) to receive discounts on regular drug prices. You might consider PBMs the middle man between pharmacies and insurance companies.

According to CNBC, GoodRx has relationships with top pharmacy chains and PBMs. It aggregates real-time prices at thousands of pharmacies, which are the prices you see on GoodRx coupons. GoodRx says that it makes money from advertisements, referral fees, and its GoodRx Gold subscription service.

Can I Use GoodRx With Insurance?

No, you can not use GoodRx with insurance. However, you can use GoodRx instead of insurance or government-funded programs like Medicare or Medicaid. If you have insurance, compare the GoodRx price to your insurance copay and determine which is more affordable. GoodRx may be able to find a lower drug price than your insurance healthcare plan.

If you end up using GoodRx over your health insurance, show the pharmacist your GoodRx discount card so they can apply the discount to your medicine.

Does GoodRx Cost Money?

There are two versions of GoodRx: a free version and the GoodRx Gold version. GoodRx Gold is a monthly membership program that provides discounts on drugs and healthcare services to you and your family. There are two pricing tiers for GoodRx Gold: $5.99 a month for individuals and $9.99 a month for families. With the $9.99 a month option, you can add up to five family members on your plan.

Unlike the free version of GoodRx, GoodRx Gold is not accepted at Walgreens, Walmart, Publix, or SamsClub. However, GoodRx Gold comes with benefits that the free version doesn’t have, such as discounts on dental procedures and savings on at-home dental treatments, pet supplies, diabetes equipment, and lab tests.

Does GoodRx Actually Work?

GoodRx has a mix of positive and negative reviews from customers. Overall, consumers have loved the GoodRx platform and the many discounts on brand-name and generic drugs. Here are a few GoodRx reviews:

“When I was at a Walgreens, and I didn’t have coverage for a medication, the pharmacist assistant showed me this wonderful app. Forget all the other prescription redemption cards that they try to sell you. Just open up GoodRx when you’re at the pharmacy and look up the medication and just show it to the employee and you’re good to go. I first used this three years ago, and I told everybody about it.” Jaden T. on February 25, 2020 on Trustpilot

“Fantastic!! We have been struggling for over a year to afford meds for our son’s ADHD. Even using our insurance, the best price we could find for generic was @ $200/month. Now that we found GoodRX, the pharmacy accepted it with [a] cost of $60!! [It’s] very simple too, being all I had to do is show them the text message. And no, we didn’t have to do a whole sign-up process, which is what I refused to do to other offers out there.” Ashley B. on November 15, 2018 on BBB

“I have used GoodRx for quite a while and always been happy with it. I have it on my iPhone as an app and it works quite well. But the computer-based website has been totally messed up for months and I have not been able to use it. I have tried different computers and both Chrome and Explorer. What is going on? Thanks!!” Harry H. on December 19, 2019 on BBB

Is GoodRx Legitimate?

GoodRx is a legitimate service that helps consumers find medication at a lower price point. In general, GoodRx users love the mobile app, ease of use, and incredible savings on prescription drugs. Common complaints with the service include:

  • Online pricing doesn’t match pricing on the app
  • Trouble with the website
  • Lack of pharmacy availability with the GoodRx Gold subscription